Available Integrations Overview

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Postscript offers several integrations to seamlessly connect SMS marketing to your email marketing, customer service platform, cart platform, and more. In this article, we list the individual applications that Postscript integrates with categorized by what job the integration performs.

Postscript integrations allow you to:

  • Streamline your workflow by connecting your top work tools in your ecommerce tech stack.
  • Grow your list using third-party forms, popups, and interactive opt-in experiences, and have those new subscribers flow into Postscript.
  • Centralize customer responses to your campaigns and automations in your preferred customer support or help desk platform.


Automating your workflow streamlines processes and your workload so you can spend less time in the weeds and more time doing what really matters -- running your ecommerce business.

Check out our current Automation integrations:


Optimize your conversion efforts when you replace coupons with CashBack, offer customers post-purchase upsells, and alert customers when items are back in stock or available for preorder.

Check out our current Conversion integrations:

Customer Support

Manage all customer communications in one place—including customer responses to automations and campaigns. Customer Support and Help Desk integrations are simple to set up and allow you to respond in a text thread with a customer from your preferred support platform.

Check out our current Customer Support and Help Desk integrations:

Data & Tracking

Centralize data across all of the tools used to market your brand to make more informed business decisions and build hyper-targeted approaches to social media, email, paid ads, and more.

Check out our current Data & Tracking integrations: 

Email Service Providers

Connect your ESP to Postscript so you can funnel email and custom property data from Postscript popups right to your email platform.

Check out our current Email Service Provider integrations: 

List Growth

Growing your subscriber list is an essential part of any SMS marketing strategy. With these integrations, you can design powerful popups and interactive experiences that allow subscribers to opt-in and pushes their phone number to Postscript.

Check out our current List Growth integrations:

Reviews & Loyalty

Cultivating long-lasting relationships with your customers is easier when you offer rewards that bring them back to your store. Similarly, showcasing reviews and user-generated content (UGC) plays a crucial role in earning the trust of potential customers.

Check out our current Review and Loyalty integrations:


Shipping notifications are the best kind of notifications to receive. Keep your customers up-to-date with fun, customized automations triggered by statutes in your shipping platform. You can even throw in tracking numbers and URLs.

Check out our current Shipping integrations:


Send subscribers actionable and automated messages so they can easily manage their subscriptions straight from their SMS inbox. 

Check out our current Subscription integrations:

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