Guide to Post Purchase Automation Flows

We've designed this guide to introduce you to various post purchase automations and highlight strategies for collecting user-generated content (UGC), prompting repeat purchases, and utilizing post-purchase automations to assist with managing help desk volume. This article is also designed to help you understand automation performance.


Messages from post purchase automations inform subscribers of the status of their order and can be used to set expectations around shipping delays, which in turn, helps your brand's support team manage ticket volume.

While post purchase automations are generally informative, you can also leverage them to request user-generated content to repackage for social media or other promotions. Post-purchase is also an optimal time to remind subscribers of loyalty points and request reviews.

Post Purchase Triggers

In this table, you will find post purchase trigger definitions, use cases for each trigger, and automation templates that use their respective triggers. For an in-depth table of automation filters and trigger filters, see here

Trigger Definition Use Cases Templates
Order Created Customer has created an order Order Confirmations, Loyalty Offers, Win-Backs, Upsell or Cross-Sell automations. 

Loyalty Offer

Post Purchase

Post Purchase - Thank you & Upsell or Cross-Sell

Loyalty Offer - Next Level Incentive

Customer Win-Back

Post Purchase - Returning Customer

Post Purchase - New Customer

Order Delivered Order marked as delivered via shipping carrier Request UGC, Review, or Loyalty Points reminder. Shipping Notifications - Order Delivered
Order Fulfilled

Order sent to the shipping carrier for final delivery

Shipping Notification/Update automations  
Order in Transit

Order marked en route by shipping carrier

Shipping Notification/Update automations Shipping Notifications - Order Shipped

Types of Post Purchase Automations

UGC Review Request Loyalty Point Reminder Shipment Expectations

User-generated content (UGC) is similar to reviews in that they serve as testimonials from customers and, in turn, can build trust with potential customers who haven't purchased from your brand yet.


In the example above, Braxley Bands subscribers are incentivized to share a social media story of their band for a repost to the rest of their brand followers. This content can be repurposed for paid ads, social media posts, or organic content.

Understanding Post Purchase Automation Metrics

Metrics, or data, help you understand whether the messages you send are achieving the goals you've set. You can view the performance of your post purchaser flows on your Flows Dashboard page or on a specific automation flow page. Simply select an activated flow to view overall performance metrics and metrics by a specific message.

Overall Performance Specific Message Performance


  1. Sent Messages. View the total number of messages that have been sent.
  2. Unsubscribe Rate. Your flow's Unsubscribe Rate is calculated by dividing the total number of unsubscribes attributed to a flow message by the number of total messages sent in this flow Note: we attribute an unsubscribe to a flow if the flow message was the last message the subscriber received before unsubscribing.
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR).CTR is calculated by taking total clicks on all links divided by the total number of messages sent.
  4. Conversion Rate. Your flow's Conversion Rate is calculated by dividing the total amount of orders placed within your shop's designated attribution window by the total number of clicks.
  5. Attributed Revenue. The amount of sales dollars earned from orders created within your shop's designated attribution window after a subscriber receives the automation flow. See your shop's attribution window here
   Note: If you edit and save a live flow, the analytics on all individual actions (i.e. specific messages) will be reset, but the overall performance analytics will remain the same.

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