Set Up Your Growave Integration

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Postscript integrates with Growave, allowing you to share information between the two solutions. You can set up and manage your Growave integration through Shopify.

About Growave

Growave helps brands to reach their audience, engage their customers, and increase conversions. With Growave, brands get access to powerful tools such as reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, and user-generated content all in one platform. 

Why You Should Set Up Growave

  • Send wishlist and back-in-stock automations from Postscript using Growave-specific automation triggers.
  • Collect reviews you can showcase on your website, social platforms, and other marketing campaigns. 

Create a Postscript API Key

  1. Select your Shop Name in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select API.
  2. Select Create Security Key Pair on the right side of the page, then confirm your action by selecting Yes.
  3. Select Show in the Private Key column to reveal your API key. Copy this key or write it down—you'll need to enter it in Growave later.

Configure Postscript in Growave

  • Select Settings in the top menu of your Growave dashboard, then select Integrations.
  • Locate Postscript and select the Status toggle so it is On.
  • Once turned on, select the green Settings button.
  • Enter or paste your Postscript Private API Key in the corresponding field and select Save

Growave-Specific Automation Triggers

Growave offers unique automation triggers that you can select when creating an automation. Each trigger comes with dynamic message tags you can insert in your automation message. We define each trigger and corresponding message tag below.

  • Ssw Review Request: Encourage recent customers to leave a review by sending a message with a link to a review page.
    • Message Tag: The tag {order_review_url} links a subscriber to a page where they can enter a review for a recent order.
  • Ssw Wishlist Back In Stock: Notify subscribers when something they've added to their wishlist is back in stock by sending them a message with a link to their wishlist page.
    • Message Tag: The tag {wishlist_page_url} links a subscriber to their wishlist page to view the back-in-stock item.
  • Ssw Wishlist On Save: Remind subscribers of items they've loved/saved by sending a message that links them to their wishlist.
    • Message Tag: The tag {wishlist_page_url} links a subscriber to their wishlist page to view their loved/saved items.

You should now be all set to get started with Growave!

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