Customize Your Attribution Windows

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Postscript makes it easy for you to set custom click and view attribution windows to give you more flexibility and control over your data.

About Your SMS Attribution Window

An attribution window is the period of time after a campaign is sent in which a marketing channel (in this case, Postscript) can claim that a click or view led to a purchase.

While you can choose to customize the parameters of your attribution window, you can also choose to not adjust your parameters. If you chose not to adjust your attribution window, Postscript will default to a 7-day click and 24-hour view windows for attribution.

A 7-day click and 24-hour view attribution window will accredit:

  • Any sales from a subscriber who received a text up to 24 hours after the text was sent - regardless of whether they ordered through the shop link or not - to your SMS program.
    • Because SMS open rate is close to 99%, consider this a "billboard model" - if you drive by a fast food billboard and stop to get dinner there later, you can't precisely accredit that the billboard was the only reason you got dinner there, but you can reasonably assume the decision was influenced by it.
  • Any sales from a subscriber who received a text and clicked a link in that text up to 7 days after the text was sent.
    • After the 24-hour view window, a subscriber must click the link in the text they received and place an order for the revenue to be attributed to your SMS program and the text they received specifically.

Adjust Your Attribution Windows

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  1. Select your Shop Name in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Tracking.
  2. Define a custom value for your Click Window and View Window drop-downs, then select Save.
   Note: Changing your attribution windows will affect all statistics moving forward on your Dashboard and Analytics tabs, as well as for every automation, campaign, and keyword. Previous analytics will not be re-calculated or changed based on the new windows.

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