Create a Welcome Series Automation Flow

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Automation flows are the perfect way to create and send multi-stage communications triggered by a certain event (e.g., subscribing to texts, abandoning a cart, etc.). By creating a welcome series, you can:

  • Introduce your brand. Use your welcome series to introduce your brand's SMS experience, establish brand voice, or educate subscribers on your brand or mission.
  • Send coupons or CashBack for signing up. Use your welcome series as an opportunity to send subscribers a discount or CashBack after signing up for your SMS program. 
  • Interact with your subscribers. Welcome series can also be used as an opportunity to learn what products your subscribers are interested in so you can send an automated, personalized product recommendation in return. 
  • Share your brand's contact card. Invite subscribers to add you to their contact list by including a contact card in your first welcome series message.
  • Create a unique welcome experience based on opt in source. Use trigger filters to narrow your audience based on which popup, landing page, or keyword they've opted into.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to create a welcome series flow and answer some commonly asked questions.

Create a Welcome Series Flow

Get Started Set Automation Properties Build Your Flow


    1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Automations.
    2. Select Create Automation in the top-right corner of the page, then choose Create Automation Flow.
    3. Select Use a template or select Create a new automation. Then select Continue (or Create flow) in the bottom right corner.
    4. Name the automation. Choose a name that will allow you to easily identify your Welcome Series and track this flow in the future.


  • Can I add a trigger filter to my automation properties? Trigger Filters are not supported when using the automation trigger Subscriber Created. 
  • Can I build my welcome series automation flows based on the popup a subscriber opted in with? Yes, you can leverage trigger filters to refine your welcome series trigger and message subscribers with specific welcome series language based on which popup they opted in to your SMS program with.
  • Can I add a subscriber frequency filter? The trigger for a Welcome Series is Subscriber Created. While an individual can opt out of your SMS program and then opt back in, they can only be created once on your SMS list. Because a subscriber profile can only be created once ( and their profile indicates if they are active or inactive), the welcome series has a default once-per-subscriber setting. In other words, no subscriber frequency is needed when using the trigger Subscriber Created.
  • Will my Welcome Series send to manually uploaded subscribers? A Welcome Series is triggered when a subscriber is created by a keyword, popup, or through our API (think: integrations). The subscribers you manually uploaded to your account will not receive your Welcome Series. If you'd like to send these subscribers a message, consider requesting a subscriber tag on the upload form, and then sending this list a campaign.

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