Use Postscript Coupons in Messages

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Coupons are a great way to reward subscribers who've opted into SMS or re-engage subscribers and customers who haven't purchased in a certain amount of time.

About Postscript Coupons

Postscript coupons let you include unique, one-time offers in an automation message. At this time, only Shopify coupons can be added to a campaign. With a Postscript coupon, you can offer a fixed amount or percentage off or a shipping discount.

Postscript coupons automatically flow through to Shopify. You do not need to activate these coupons—they're live and ready for your customer to redeem.

When to Use Postscript Coupons

  • You want to keep coupon codes unique to a specific message and subscriber.
  • You can want to create a coupon without an expiration date.
  • You want to offer a discount on a specific product collection.
  • You want to limit the checkout transaction to one coupon code.
  • You want to auto-apply a coupon to the checkout process.

Add Postscript Coupon to a Message

  1. On your message editor page, select the blue More drop-down above the message field.
  2. Select Add Coupon.
  3. From here, you can define the characteristics of your coupon:
    • Discount Type. Choose from percent, dollar amount, or free shipping.
      • Note: At this time, a free shipping option will apply to any shipping option offered in your shop regardless of cost.
    • Discount Value. For percent and dollar amount, define the value.
    • Applies To. Choose whether to apply the coupon to your entire product offering or a specific collection.
    • Minimum Requirements. Set requirements for coupon usage (i.e., Get 15% off orders $50 or more!)
      • Note: If you are creating a collection-specific coupon with a minimum spend requirement, that minimum spend must be from that specific collection.
    • Expires. Set an expiration date for the coupon. Options include minutes, hours, and days.
  4. Select Insert Coupon.
   Note: At this time, Postscript coupons aren't compatible with ReCharge checkouts. Additionally, Postscript coupons do not auto-apply in OneClickUpsell (OCU) checkouts. The customer will need to type in the code.

Locate a Shopify Collection ID

If you want to apply a discount to a Shopify collection, you'll need your collection ID. You can locate this information in Shopify.

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your Shopify dashboard, then select Collections.
  2. Locate and select your desired Collection.
  3. Your collection ID is in the URL. In the above example, the collection ID is 73617932346.

View Coupon Revenue Data

You can view revenue generated from Postscript coupons in the Total Earned drop-down on your Postscript dashboard. You also have the option to look at this revenue over time by adjusting the time frames (e.g., Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, etc.) in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

View Postscript Coupons in Shopify

Postscript coupons appear on the Discounts page of your Shopify dashboard. When you create a coupon in a Postscript automation or keyword, Postscript assigns a unique coupon ID that lets you identify all coupons created from that specific automation or keyword in Shopify.

In the below example, you'll see our abandoned cart automation has a Postscript coupon ID of 57418_custom_coupon. We can locate that discount category in Postscript and view all discount codes generate for our abandoned cart automation.

  1. Select Discounts in the side menu of your Shopify dashboard.
  2. Locate the Postscript coupon. It will show as Postscript Coupon {XXXXX_custom_coupon} where XXXXX is the coupon ID in the message draft.
  3. You can disable the discount category and all unique one-time coupons issued by selecting Disable in the top-right corner of the page.
  4. You can disable unique one-time coupons by selecting View all codes toward the top of the page. Locate and select the checkbox to the left of the code(s) you wish to delete, then select Delete Code from the Actions drop-down.
   Note: If you create a Postscript coupon with an expiration date, then it will create a unique discount category in your Shopify Discount Center. For example, if you create a keyword reply coupon with an expiration date and send it to 600 customers, you will see 600 unique discount categories listed on the main page of your Shopify Discount Center.

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