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One of the best and easiest ways to grow your subscriber list, engage with subscribers and even level up your segmentation is by using keywords!

So what's a keyword exactly? Excellent question! A keyword is a term or phrase that individuals can text to your toll-free number or short code to opt into your shop's SMS marketing. Keywords can work behind the scenes, like when using a banner or landing page, or they can work front and center, like with our two-touch mobile popup experience. 

How do keywords work?

  1. Create a keyword and add your keyword reply. Need inspo? Check out Fantastic Texts. 
  2. Share this keyword
    • You can share your keyword with customers, social media followers, or connect it to your mobile popup so these individuals can text your keyword to your dedicated toll-free number or short code.
    • You can also use keywords to connect specific integrations to Postscript.
    • Lastly, you can use keywords to connect banners, landing pages, short links or email call-to-action buttons to Postscript
  3. Once a subscriber triggers a keyword, they are added to your list an SMS subscriber and receive a keyword reply after opt-in.
In Email Keyword Reply On Social Banner Mobile Two-Touch

Check out this clean email campaign! It features both a keyword (ILOVEBANDS) with the number to text as well as a call-to-action button. We especially love this campaign because you can clearly see the TCPA compliance opt-in language that informs the texter what will happen when they text ILOVEBANDS to the store's short code.

Got ideas on where to use keywords? Sweet! We can't wait to see how you use keywords. Keep in mind that you must include TCPA compliant opt-in language any place you display a keyword or are collecting subscribers. 

You're basically a pro now, but want to learn more?

  • Looking for more ways to Grow Your List with Keywords? Learn strategies for how you can use keywords to compliantly collect SMS subscribers.
  • Ready to create keywords unique to your brand? Go ahead, Create a Keyword.  This article has all the tips and tricks you need.
  • Have an idea to take your keyword replies to the next level? Learn just how to customize those replies here!
  • Prefer something custom-built? No prob. Learn how to use keywords to Create Subscribers with Postscript API
  • Just here for a quick question? Check out our Keyword FAQs.

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