Customize Your Shop's Subdomain

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With Postscript, shops can customize a subdomain for their short link (i.e., via their Account Settings page.


  1. Select your Shop Name in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Settings
  2. Enter your desired subdomain in the Update Short Link Subdomain field.
  3. Select Update Short Link to save your changes.

  • Can I change the link shortening domain to anything? Shops will only be able to add or edit a subdomain for Uniqueness will also be enforced so that no two shops can share the same link shortening. Lastly, when creating your subdomain, be sure to abide by SHAFT criteria to avoid filtering from carriers.
  • My subdomain is and I’ve printed a short link on marketing materials or used a short link outside of messaging. Will I have to update these links now? No, will continue to redirect appropriately. While is still supported, we discourage the use of this short link domain because at some point in the near future, we will decommission its use.
  • My subdomain is and I'd like to change it to How can I make this change? You can request this change by contacting our support team at or chat with us by clicking the black chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the app.

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