SHAFT Compliance Criteria

May 21, 2021 Update: Due to existing regulations regarding unapproved or illicit content, Postscript can no longer service brands who offer or communicate about SHAFT (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco--CBD included) products.

These regulations are industry-wide and affect every SMS platform, including Postscript.

What You Need to Know

While SHAFT (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco--CBD included) content has been heavily regulated in SMS marketing for years, the CTIA has recently tightened its rules surrounding this content.

Postscript is required to comply with all CTIA and TCPA compliance policies to both mitigate risk and ensure a standard and satisfactory experience for SMS subscribers. 

In their Short Code Handbook, the CTIA outlines the types of messages that cannot be delivered via a short code for both legal and ethical reasons. They also note that sent content must be appropriate for the audience to which it is being sent.

CTIA defines the following as banned content:

  • Depictions or endorsements of violence
  • Adult or otherwise inappropriate content
  • Profanity
  • Hate/discriminatory speech
  • Endorsement of illegal or illicit drugs
A note on CBD products

We understand that more and more states are legalizing medical and/or recreational cannabis and CBD use every year. However, Federal Law still prohibits cannabis use. Therefore you cannot send text messages with cannabis or CBD-related content. The carriers have made it clear that they will suspend any short code that sends this content.

We understand this may be a disappointment, but SMS is a rapidly-changing industry. While this is an unideal outcome for stores in your category, please know that Postscript is here to serve you as a resource when policies change to re-allow sending.

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