Conduct an A/B Test with Automation Flows

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A/B testing is a marketing experiment wherein shops can split their audience to test variations of creatives, incentives, or copy to determine which experience performs best.

In this article, we discuss how to conduct an A/B test in automation flows!

How A/B Testing Benefits You

  • Have more control over how the split is distributed between several different messages, delays, trigger splits, and more.
  • View overall flow performance and individual message performance once the automation is activated so you can make informed decisions on future messaging strategies.
  • Validate which characteristics of the winning branch increase conversions, then implement those characteristics to effectively grow your revenue.

Conduct an A/B Test in Automation Flows


  1. Select Messaging on the left-side navigation panel of your Postscript Dashboard. Then select Automations.
  2. Select an existing automation flow. If you have not yet created an automation flow, select Create Automation in the upper right corner. Choose Create Automation Flow. Select either Use an automation template or Create a new automation, then select Continue in the bottom right of the module. 
  3. Set your automation properties. Learn more about how to set up your automation flow here.
  4. Under Flow Actions, select and drag A/B Split action into your flow. You can choose to customize your A/B test by setting the distribution of each branch and adding additional branches.
  5. Drag and drop additional actions below your A/B Split action to test delays, trigger event splits, message copy, or subscriber event branching.

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