Guide to Trigger Event Splits in Automation Flows

Automation flows are the perfect way to create and send multi-stage communications triggered by a certain event (e.g., subscribing to texts, placing an order, etc.). With Flow Builder, you can schedule individual messages, limit the frequency of how often a subscriber can enter your flow, and take advantage of trigger event splits. 

Using trigger event splits in your flows allows you to easily visualize and build unique pathways determined by subscriber actions.

How Trigger Event Splits Benefit You

  • Build flows more efficiently by creating one automation flow with multiple branches that vary based on trigger event properties.
  • Increase conversions when you craft automation flows that are more targeted and personalized to susbcribers' buying experience.

Adding Trigger Event Splits to Automation Flows


  1. Select Messaging on the left-side navigation panel of your Postscript Dashboard.
  2. Select Automations, then select an existing automation flow.
  3. If you have not yet created an automation flow, select Create Automation in the upper right corner. Choose Automation Flow. Select either Use an automation template or Create a new automation, then select Continue in the bottom right of the module. 
  4. Set your automation properties, including your trigger. Learn more about how to set up your automation flow here.
  5. Under Flow Actions, select and drag Trigger Event Split to the space below the first message in your flow.
  6. Under Branches, select a property for your first branch. Continue this until you have built out all desired branches, then select the purple Save button in the bottom right corner of the editor.
  7. Finish crafting your automation. Then, when you're ready, select Save Changes or Schedule or Activate in the upper-right area of Flow Builder. You can choose to activate the flow immediately or schedule the flow to activate at a certain time.

Post Purchase Example

With trigger event splits, you can tailor your subscribers' post purchase journey to their shopping experience. In the example below, we'll create a three branches - one educating customers on their product, one cross-selling a complementary product, and one reminding subscribers to restock - all in a single automation.

Product Added to Cart Example

You can use trigger event splits in order to make your messaging more personalized to your subscribers' journey. In the example below, we'll create two branches. One branch targets subscribers that added less than $50 worth of products to their cart and the other branch targets subscribers that added more than $50 to their cart. Each branch contains a unique offer.

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