Jumpstart Your SMS Strategy with Automation Flows

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Because SMS automations are triggered by subscriber behavior (e.g., subscribing to texts, abandoning a cart, etc.), they are some of the most contextual messages you can send—which often leads to higher conversion rates.

Keep in mind that while you may have activated legacy automations during onboarding, we highly recommend migrating those automations into Flow Builder so you can:

  • Take advantage of subscriber event splits to customize your messaging strategy to subscriber actions--like placing an order or responding to one of your messages.
  • Use trigger event splits to easily visualize and build unique pathways determined by subscriber and product conditions -- all within a single flow.
  • Employ strategic filters to engage and send personalized messages to different pockets of your subscriber base.

In this article, we've linked individual guides that you can reference for each automation type if you'd like to build your automation from scratch.

Alternatively, we've linked automation flow templates that, when clicked, will open the flow in your Postscript account. You can customize each template and activate them when you are ready. We recommend setting up and activating each of these flows as soon as possible in order to begin converting subscribers into purchasers.

Automation Flows

Automation Name Trigger Templates
Welcome Series Subscriber Created. A subscriber can be created via keywords, popups, checkout, or API.

Welcome Series

Subscribed, No Orders in First 30 Days

Abandoned Cart

Checkout Started. This means the subscriber added items to their cart and began the checkout process, but did not complete their purchase.

Note: Abandoned Cart automations must be limited to one message and need to be sent within 48 hours of the trigger event. Learn more here. 

Abandoned Cart - Returning Customer

Abandoned Cart - New Customer

Browse Abandonment

Subscriber Viewed Product. This means the subscriber was browsing an item on your site, but did not add the product to their cart.

Product Added to Cart. This means that the subscriber added the product to their bag or cart, but did NOT begin the checkout process.

Note: Browse abandonment automations must be limited to one message and need to be sent within 48 hours of the trigger event. Learn more here. 

Browse Abandonment - Subscriber Viewed Product

Browse Abandonment - Product Added to Cart


Order Created. This kicks off an automation as soon as the order is received by your brand.

Order Delivered. This triggers a flow when the package is marked as delivered by the shipping company.

Order in Transit. This begins a flow when the package is marked en route by the shipping carrier.

Customer Win-Back

Shipping Notifications - Order Shipped

Shipping Notifications - Order Delivered

Additional Resources

  • Interested in doing a deep dive of automation flows? Our Guide to Automation Flows defines automation flows, deep dive into Flow Actions, and help you understand an automation flow's overall and message-specific performance.
  • Want to gain a better understanding of how triggers and trigger filters work? We've got you covered with our Guide to Automation Triggers and Trigger Filters.
  • Hungry for more automation templates? We've put together this SMS Automation Template Library to centralize best-in-class automations from top agencies and brands that you can use to scale your SMS program.

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