Update Your Privacy Policy

In addition to updating your Messaging Terms of Service, you should also update your Messaging Privacy Policy. In this article, we'll walk you through how to add a Messaging Privacy Policy to your shop's existing Privacy Policy, add the Privacy Policy to your footer, and provide some additional resources.

Update Your Privacy Policy

When updating your Privacy Policy, you have two avenues to choose from.

You may decide to employ Postscript's dynamically hosted messaging privacy policy and messaging terms. With this feature, you are able to backlink to Postscript-hosted dynamic terms and privacy policy. This means you only need to set it up once, knowing that your Messaging Terms and Messaging Privacy Policy will be automatically updated by Postscript as Carrier and TCPA compliance requirements are announced.

Alternatively, you can add the Privacy Policy language provided in the Manually Update Privacy Policy tab below. With this option, you will need to manually update your Privacy Policy when compliance updates are announced.

Dynamic Hosted Privacy Policy Manually Update Privacy Policy
  • If you installed Postscript before April 5th, 2022 and would like to add this feature, please reach out to your customer success manager or our support team. Our team is happy to help!
  • If you installed Postscript on or after April 5th, 2022: In the “Compliance” section of your onboarding flow when you installed Postscript, you were prompted to copy and paste the dynamic links into your Shopify Shop Terms of Service and Shopify Shop Privacy Policy sections. These dynamic links host Postscript’s Dynamic Hosted Messaging Terms and Messaging Privacy Policy language.

dynamic hosted messaging terms and messaging privacy policy.gif

Once you have updated your Privacy Policy, you can add the link to the footer menu (or bottom menu) of your store.

  1. Select Online Store in the side menu of your Shopify dashboard, then select Navigation.
  2. From the menus listed, select Footer menu.
  3. Select Add New item at the bottom of the Menu items list.
  4. On the fly-out panel, enter Privacy Policy in the Name field.
  5. From the Link drop-down, locate and select Policies, then select Privacy Policy.
  6. Select the green Add button in the bottom-right corner.
  7. Save your updated menu.

Additional Resources

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  • Interested in learning more about Dynamic Hosted Messaging Terms and Messaging Privacy Policy? Check out this article.
  • Ready to learn more about SMS Compliance? Take a look at our introductory guide here.

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