Add or Remove Subscriber Tags with Campaign Flows

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Flow Builder's feature set allows your shop to easily visualize and build your flow, perfect the timing of message sending, and increase subscriber engagement. With this feature, you can also tag subscribers based on their responses to previous event branching interactions.

How Adding or Removing Subscriber Tags Benefits You

  • Tag subscribers based on their response to a previously-received interactive SMS in order to craft more personalized campaign flows in the future.
  • Create hyper-targeted flows based on subscriber information and responses to previous SMS interactions with your brand.

How to Add or Remove Subscriber Tags in Campaign Flows


  1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Flow Builder.
  2. Create and name your campaign flow. Choose a name that will allow you to easily identify and track this campaign in the future.
  3. Set up Event Branching for your campaign by dragging and dropping the Subscriber Event Split icon under your initial message, selecting an event (e.g. Subscriber Response or Order Created), choosing a max wait time, and adding your branching options. For more information on how to set up Event Branching, see here.  
  4. Craft your branching messages. Under each branch, drag and drop the Update Subscriber icon. Tip: You can also use our duplicate tool to duplicate the Update Subscriber action under each branch.
  5. Within the Update Subscriber Properties editor, you can choose to add or remove a subscriber tag based on the subscriber's action by clicking the dropdown under Subscriber Tags.
  6. Enter the tag that you would like to add to or remove from your subscriber's profile based on their action, then click Save in the bottom right of the editor. 
    • Note: subscribers are tagged and recalled verbatim what you enter into this field. This includes capitalization and special characters.
  7. Once you've added the Update Subscriber icon to each of your branches, select Schedule or Activate in the top-right corner of the page. You have two options when sending a flow:
    • Activate immediately: This option will immediately send the campaign flow.
    • Activate at a scheduled time and date: Schedule when you'd like to launch this campaign flow.

Recalling Subscriber Tags

Once you launch your campaign and begin tagging subscribers, you can recall subscriber tags in Segments or on individual subscriber profiles. 

Segments Subscriber Profiles


  1. Navigate to Messaging on the left-side navigation bar, then select Segments.
  2. Select Create Segment in the upper right corner, then name your segment. Choose a name that will allow you to easily identify and track this campaign in the future.
  3. Define your criteria. Select Subscriber Tag as the criterion and then select a corresponding parameter (e.g. includes or does not include). Enter the subscriber tag into the Value field. 
  4. Add additional criteria. You can include one or more criteria in a segment. Additional criteria help you further narrow your intended subset of customers. You can add additional criteria using AND or OR statements or by clicking the Include all phone-only subscribers checkbox.
    • AND Example: Customers who have spent over $50.00 AND have the subscriber tag frizz.
    • OR Example: Customers who have purchased our frizz control conditioner OR have the subscriber tag frizz.
    • Include all phone-only subscribers will include all subscribers who have not been matched with a customer profile in your Shopify store. Their subscriber profile includes only Postscript data, like phone numbers and subscriber tags.
  5. Review segment size. As you apply the criteria, the number of members in your segment size will adjust. If the number doesn't look correct, double-check your subscriber tag is verbatim what you entered into your Campaign Flow. 
  6. Select Save Segment to save your new segment. 
   Tip: To see who is in this segment, click View Subscribers at the top of the segment.

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