Wait for Event Branching in Flow Builder

We are so excited to share that you can now create branches within a campaign flow or automation flow based on specific subscriber responses.

What to Know

  • This feature allows you to create different message branches within an automation or campaign flow based on specific subscriber responses.
  • This feature also allows you to automate follow-up messages unique to the responses you receive from subscribers, thus enabling you to have conversations with subscribers at scale.
  • Flows that use Wait for Event branching will always include a none of the above or event never occurred branch to capture:
    • Any responses that do not match the specifications for placement in the other branches.
    • Subscribers who do not respond within the Max Wait Time configured when setting up the branching.

How to Set Up

Wait for Subscriber Message Wait for Order Created
  1. Select or create your flow.
  2. Under Flow Actions, select and drag Wait for Event Split to the space below the first message in your flow.
  3. Select Subscriber Message as your event.
    • This indicates that you intend to branch subsequent messages based on the content of subscriber replies.
  4. Under Max Wait Time, enter the amount of time you will allow for subscribers to respond to the initial message. (Subscribers who do not respond within the Max Wait Time will not enter the follow-up branches that are based on responses.)
  5. Under Branches, select Message Body as the property. Below Message Body, you can select is, is not, contains, or does not contain as logic for each message.
  6. Next, enter a subscriber response option into the field next to the is, is not, contains, does not contain dropdown.
  7. Continue adding branches with subscriber response options as desired. When you’re finished, select Save in the bottom right of the Wait for Event editor.
  8. Under Flow Actions, select either the Delay icon or the Send Message icon. Then, drag and drop the icon under each branch to add either a delay or a message to that branch.
  9. Select Save or Schedule or Activate in the upper-right area of Flow Builder. You can choose to activate the flow immediately or schedule the flow to activate at a certain time.

Want to Learn More about Event Branching?

Do a deep dive into our Wait for Event Branching tool. In this video, you will learn how to use Event Branching in both Campaign Flows and Automation Flows, discover use cases, and take a close look at features built within the tool.


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