Jumpstart Your SMS Strategy with Campaign Flows

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Campaign flows are the perfect way to send single-message or multi-message campaigns to a specific customer segment or your entire subscriber base. By employing campaign flows, you can:

  • Extend your brand experience from your website into the text thread by showing off the personality, voice, and creativity of your brand.
  • Capture the attention of your subscribers by sending interactive campaigns.
  • As subscribers take certain actions, like creating an order or responding to your messages, you can collect zero-part data that allows you to build more targeted segmentation for future sends.

In this article, we discuss five campaigns that can jumpstart your SMS strategy. We also link templates of each campaign flow that, when clicked, will open the flow in your Postscript account. You can customize each template and activate them when you are ready.

Campaign Flows

Campaign Name & Template Use Case
Drip Sale Campaign Flow

Drip campaign about an upcoming sale with last chance follow up.

Tip: Using a cancellation trigger in this flow will remove any subscriber who places an order after receiving the first message.

Campaign Flow with Follow-Up Campaign flow with follow-up based on whether or not a subscriber placed an order.
Almost Gone Campaign Flow Create urgency around low stock of your best-selling products.
What We Can Do For You Campaign Flow

Share product benefits and let subscribers learn more about your brand and vision. This campaign template also invites subscribers to text you back! 

Tip: Manage subscriber responses in your Responses tab. Learn more here.

Personalized Discount Campaign Flow

Create an interactive campaign flow that asks subscribers what they are interested in, and then provides a personalized discount depending on the product they are interested in.

Tip: Using Subscriber Tags allows you to tag subscribers as interested in specific products - based on their reply - so you can create more targeted segments for future campaign sends. 

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