Transferring Your Dedicated Short Code from Klaviyo to Postscript

Who can migrate a DSC? Shops on all Postscript plans have the option to port their dedicated short code from Klaviyo to Postscript. Learn more about Postscript Plans.

When migrating your SMS program to Postscript from Klaviyo, you can bring your dedicated short code with you to Postscript so you can:

  • Provide your subscribers with a fluid experience as you transition SMS platforms.
  • Begin using Postscript's robust features and tools without missing a beat.
  • Hit the ground running with your Postscript-hosted SMS program.

We've designed this guide to outline the timeline for transferring your DSC to Postscript from Klaviyo and list action items you can take to ensure the migration goes as smooth as possible.

Timeline for Migrating Your DSC to Postscript

Once you have signed a contract for a dedicated short code, you’ll work with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to transfer your DSC to Postscript.

The timeline for migrating your DSC to Postscript will depend on where it is hosted.

As a Twilio preferred partner, Postscript is able to do most of the behind-the-scenes lifting to transfer your DSC to Postscript in as little as two business days.

If your DSC is not hosted through Twilio, the transfer could take ~1 to 2 weeks, depending on Klaviyo providing the necessary approvals to transfer the number to Postscript.

Postscript will be notified as soon as Klaviyo approves the transfer and the phone number will be ported into Postscript. Our team will set up your account with the transferred number.

   Note: During the day of transfer, you may experience up to 1 hour of downtime when you cannot send any messages from your account.

Shop Action Items

In this section, we've included action items your team can take to ensure the migration goes as smooth as possible.

1. Please notify your Postscript representative that you'd like to transfer your DSC to Postscript and include your phone number (i.e. 36521) and desired transfer date and time.

2. Postscript will initiate the transfer process. Your requested date/time will be honored so long as Klaviyo provides the necessary approvals.

    • (Tip: to prevent delays, you may consider reaching out to Klaviyo and asking them to approve this at their earliest convenience).

3. Deactivate Klaviyo list growth tools (popups, keywords, landing pages, etc.)so your list exports are comprehensive and as up-to-date as possible ahead of the migration.

4. Export your Klaviyo subscriber lists (both active subscribers and unsubscribes) just before the migration and send to Postscript for upload.

5. Export your Klaviyo subscriber lists (both active subscribers and unsubscribes) after the migration, before you send your first campaign in Postscript. This ensures no one unsubscribed during the transition. Send this list to Postscript for upload.

6. Activate Postscript list growth tools (popups, keywords, landing pages, etc.) to begin subscriber acquisition. 

Before You Go

Below, we've provided some key information about transferring your SMS program from Klaviyo to Postscript:

  • Transfer any keywords you use in your Klaviyo account to Postscript to ensure you are still collecting subscribers (for example, if you have subscribers opting in with a specific keyword in Klaviyo, be sure that keyword is added to your Postscript account).

Additional Resources

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