Subscriber Opt-Out Compliance

The TCPA requires brands to remove subscribers from text message subscriber lists if they make a reasonable request to be removed. In SMS marketing, we refer to this as the "opt-out" process.

Similar to the opt-in process, where customers can opt-in by texting a certain keyword, customers can also request to opt-out by texting "STOP" at any time.

In this article, we'll discuss "fuzzy opt outs", guide you through how to manually opt out a subscriber, and how to easily include opt out language in your text messages.

Automatic Subscriber Removals

We've designed Postscript to recognize variations on the theme of STOP (including typos) and to unsubscribe customers accordingly. This is sometimes called "fuzzy opt outs". Learn more about this process here.

Examples of alternative opt-out phrases Postscript recognizes are:

  • Cancel
  • Do not/don't text
  • End
  • Remove me from your list
  • Stop texting
  • Take me off this list
  • Wrong number
  • Unsubscribe

Manually Unsubscribe Customers

Postscript automatically processes and confirms all opt-out requests you receive through your Postscript phone number(s). However, it's important that you stay on top of your customer responses in the off chance an unsubscribe request makes it past Postscript's screening.

You have two options when manually unsubscribing a customer: via the customer response page or from the subscriber details page.

Response Page Subscriber Profile

You can view customer responses by selecting Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then selecting Responses.

If you feel a customer is attempting to unsubscribe from text marketing campaigns, then you can simply select Opt Out at the far-right of the subscriber's row.


Include Opt-Out Language in Messages

You can choose to include opt-out language in both campaigns and automations.

We encourage you to include opt-in language at least once a month in order to comply with carrier and CTIA guidelines. 

If you are sending multiple campaign messages to the same subscribers in the same day, we recommend including opt out language in at least one of those messages to reduce the risk of your messages being filtered/blocked by carriers.

Postscript makes it easy to include this opt-out language when creating a campaign or automation message. Within the the message editor, simply select the Add "Reply STOP to unsubscribe" checkbox below the message field. Doing so adds the opt-out language to your message.


Note: Customers who have opted out can opt back into SMS marketing using an active keyword or opt-in method, such as a popup, QR code, or embedded form.

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