Automatically Resolve Incoming Flow Builder Responses

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Flow Builder allows your brand to scale personalized one-to-one conversations with your subscribers while collecting zero-party data in your campaign flows and automation flows

When building an interactive campaign or automation, Flow Builder can register a variety of flexible responses from your subscribers that still automate replies based on the conditions you set when you craft the flow.

As you receive subscriber responses following an interactive campaign or automation, you may wish to manage these messages differently than other subscriber responses through your help desk. In this article, we explain how to automatically close out, or resolve, subscriber responses to your interactive flow.

Configuring Auto-Close in Flow Builder

In this section, we are beginning instructions from a flow that has already been created. If you have not created an interactive flow yet, see here for how to create an automation flow or here for how to create a campaign flow.


  1. From within Flow Builder, drag and drop the Subscriber Event Split action then select Subscriber Response as your event.
  2. Add the intended response(s) to each branch. This is the response you are prompting subscribers to reply to you with.
  3. Toggle the Auto-resolve option ON
  4. Select Save to save the edits made.

What's Next?

  • Any incoming reply that matches an intended response (For context, these intended responses are blue, purple, orange, pink in the example above), will automatically be marked as Resolved.
  • To view automatically resolved subscriber replies, head to your Responses tab and toggle to the Resolved thread state.
  • If leveraging one of our help desk integrations, please note that automatically resolved messages will not be forwarded to your help desk inbox.

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