Sync Postscript Coupons to Klaviyo

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You can now sync Postscript coupons to Klaviyo. When Postscript generates a unique coupon for a subscriber, it will send that information to Klaviyo, where the coupon will be stored in the subscriber's Klaviyo profile.

In doing so, Postscript enables you to include that unique Postscript coupon in Klavyio email campaigns.

What This Mean For Your Shop

  • You can include the same coupon code in SMS messages and email.
  • Coupons remain unique to the subscriber, preventing subscribers from sharing an additional or new coupon code with a friend who hasn't opted-in to your marketing communications.

What You Need to Get Started

  • You will need an active Klaviyo integration in order to share information between Postscript and Klaviyo.
  • Postscript needs an email address for a customer in order to match it to a Klaviyo profile and sync the coupon code. Postscript collects emails during abandoned and completed checkouts, but you can also enable your Postscript popups to collect email.

View Postscript Coupon in Klaviyo

It's not necessary to view a Postscript coupon in a Klaviyo subscriber profile in order to include the dynamic field in an email campaign. We include the steps below in the event you wish to know where the Postscript coupon would populate for a synced subscriber.

  1. Select Profiles in the side menu of your Klaviyo dashboard.
  2. Locate and select a subscriber profile.
  3. Locate the Information box on the right-side of the subscriber profile
  4. View Latest Postscript Coupon.
    • Postscript will always send the most recent coupon generated for that particular subscriber.
   Note: Postscript doesn't pass additional information about the coupon, such as expiration date, percentage off, etc. You will need to track these details in Postscript.

Include Postscript Coupon in Klaviyo Email Campaign

When creating a Klaviyo email campaign, you can add the dynamic lookup code that will populate the unique Postscript coupon assigned to the subscriber in the email.

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Content step for your desired email campaign.
  2. In the body of the email, add the {{ person|lookup:"Latest Postscript Coupon"|default:'' }} tag. It's essential that this tag is verbatim in order for the data to sync properly.
  3. Save your changes.
   Pro Tip: You can add this dynamic tag to the body of a Klaviyo email template or text-only email.

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