Create a Price Drop Automation Flow

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With Postscript, you can use a Price Drop trigger event in automations that will be prompted whenever a price is reduced on a selected product or product variant. By leveraging a Price Drop trigger event, you can re-engage with high intent subscribers who may not have purchased due to pricing considerations

Build a Price Drop Trigger Event

Price drop can be used as an automation trigger and/or an event split trigger.

price drop flow.png

  1. From your Postscript dashboard, select Messaging, then choose Automations.
  2. In the upper-right corner, select the Create automation button and choose Create Automation Flow.
  3. Choose if you'd like to create a new automation flow or use a template.
  4. Under Automation properties, choose Price Drop as your trigger event.
  5. In Price drop details, select your price drop threshold choosing from either a dollar amount or percentage dropped.
    • In the example above, we chose Product price dropped by at least $10
  6. Choose your target audience by selecting from Viewed product (whose price dropped) or Started checkout (with product whose price dropped) and selecting a timeframe between and 90 day(s)
    • If you would like to select both, select + Include More Subscribers and follow the step above
  7. Exclude subscribers who purchased the product within a given time period. Select between 1 and 90 day(s)
  8. Select Save.

Use a Trigger Filter or Event Split Trigger if you’d like to send specific messages to subscribers based on a certain product whose price has dropped. We discuss how to use price drop in both scenarios below:

Trigger Filter Event Split Trigger
  1. Within in Automation Properties, select + Add Filter under Trigger Filter.
  2. Select from Product, Shopify Product Tags, Variant Name or Variant ID to determine which product should be filtered.
  3. Select Save.

Customize Price Drop Messages

Price Drop automations include merge tags that can be used to contextualize the messages. These merge tags help create messages that are relevant, drive engagement, and create a sense of urgency.

Merge tags that are available when the Price Drop event is selected as the trigger event for an automation include:

  • Product Name: The name of the product whose price dropped. This tag always represents the product name, not the name of the product variant.
  • Product Link: This merge tag is replaced with a link to the product.
  • Checkout Link: A URL that takes the subscriber directly to checkout with the product in their cart.
  • Price Drop Amount - Absolute: Amount of the price drop in dollars (e.g. $15.00).
  • Price Drop Amount - Percentage: Percent of the drop (e.g 15%).
  • Price Drop - New Price: This merge tag is replaced with the product’s new price in dollars (e.g. $10.99).
  • Price Drop - Original Price: This merge tag is replaced with product’s original price in dollars (e.g. $15.00).

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