Customer Refer and Earn Program

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Inviting other shops to use Postscript is a great way to help them jumpstart their SMS marketing efforts.

Referring is easy: Simply share your custom sign-up link and if they install Postscript, you’ll receive $50 off of your next billing cycle.

About Postscript's Customer Referral Program

We offer a $50 in-app credit for each shop that you successfully refer to Postscript. Once a shop has had Postscript installed for a full 7 days, we'll approve your $50 credit. Your $50 credit will show in your next billing cycle.

  Note: The referred shop must have Postscript fully installed for a full 7 days in order for us to approve the credit. If the referred shop uninstalls Postscript before that time, we will not apply the credit to your shop.

  1. Select Referrals at the bottom of the side menu on your Postscript dashboard.
  2. Create your referral link.
    • Enter your store name (as it appears in Postscript) at the end of the link.
    • If your store has spaces in its name, please do not include them in the link.
  3. Select Create Link.

Postscript will ask you to confirm and submit the link you've created. You cannot change your referral link once created.

Once you've created your link, select Copy Link and share it!

Check Referral Status

You can track your referrals on your Refer and Earn! page. There you can view the shops you have referred, when they installed, and the status of that referral credit.

Referrals show as Pending during the first 7 days, at which point the status changes to Crediting. Once the deposit posts, the status will say Deposited.

If the shop uninstalls before 7 days have passed, the status will show as Failed and no credit will post to your account.

Before You Go

Here are a few important things to know about Postscript's Refer and Earn! program:

  • Refer and Earn! is for merchants only. Any agencies that are interested in partnering with Postscript should check out our Partnership program!
  • Postscript reserves the right to declare a referral ineligible for the promotion if Postscript believes a merchant is abusing the referral program.
  • Promotion is limited to $1000 per year, per account.

Get Support

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to our wonderful Support team at or via live chat. You can also submit a support request here!

Need ongoing channel strategy guidance? Please fill out this form and we'll connect you to one of our certified partners.

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