Set Up Your Littledata Integration

Postscript integrates with Littledata, allowing you to share information between the two solutions.

About Littledata

Littledata is a next-gen tracking solution that helps brands get a complete picture of sales and marketing in the tools they already use, including Segment, Google Analytics, and Facebook. Littledata's server-side tracking captures every customer touch point, from checkout steps through recurring orders, repeat purchases, and refunds.

How a Littledata Integration Benefits You

  • Single source of truth in Google Analytics. See which SMS campaigns are driving sales and exactly when and where customers are converting.
  • Better marketing attribution. Littledata’s app stitches sessions together so you can understand performance and build better audiences in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more.
  • Complete subscription tracking. Littledata integrates with apps like Recharge and Smartrr to track recurring orders directly in Google Analytics.

Configure Littledata in Postscript


  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, select your shop name.
  2. Next, select Tracking.
  3. Under Campaign parameters, set Source (utm_source) to Static Value with the value postscript. Then, set Campaign (utm_campaign) to Campaign Name - this will set the campaign name dynamically.
  4. Under Automation parameters, set Source (utm_source) to Static Value with the value postscript. Then, set Campaign (utm_campaign) to Automation Name - this will set the automation name dynamically.
  5. Under Customer UTM Parameters, select Add Custom Parameter then add utm_medium in the key field with the value sms.
  6. To save and update your parameters, select Update Global UTM Tracking.

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