Adding and Removing Users from Your Postscript Admin

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Postscript allows you to remove user permissions or access to your Postscript account as well as create unique logins for each person managing your Postscript account. By having the ability to give and remove unique permissions to designated personnel, you can:

  • Keep your Shopify and Postscript accounts secure.
  • Ensure that only the appropriate personnel has access to certain parts of your Postscript account.

Add Users to Your Postscript Admin


  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, select your shop name on the left-side navigation panel.
  2. Select Users, then select Add User in the upper-right corner.
  3. Enter the email of the user you'd like to add. Select the checkbox next to Admin if you'd like to give this person admin permissions. Note: Admins can add and delete users, as well as make other users admins. Admins have access to your entire account.
  4. Select Save in the bottom right corner of the popup modal.
  5. To update the first name, last name, and avatar of the email added, select your shop name on the level-side navigation panel.
  6. Select Profile then add the user's first name, last name, and avatar.
  7. Select Save in the bottom-right corner of the Profile editor. 
  8. The added user will receive an email prompting them to log in to the Postscript app.

Remove Users from Your Postscript Admin


A user must have admin permission in order to delete another user. Removing a user can take up to 10 minutes to take effect.

  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, select your shop name on the left-side navigation panel.
  2. Select Users. Select the three dots on the right side of the email you'd like to remove permission from.
  3. Select Delete, then confirm if you'd like to delete this user.

Before You Go

Check out some frequently asked questions below:

  • How is the first admin created? Your brand's Shopify account is the first “Admin” added to your account and can’t be deleted. To add other Admin users, log in to the account via Shopify, invite a user via email, and click the “Admin” role checkbox.
  • What are admin permissions? Admin users have access to add, delete, and change roles for users. Regular users and Admins see the same things in the application.

Additional Resources

  • Need help resetting your password? Learn how here.
  • Did you know admins can clone flows across Postscript accounts? Learn more here.
  • Have an existing SMS subscriber list you need to upload to Postscript? We've got you covered with this tutorial.

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