Understanding International Sending Costs

   Is your shop on usage billing? If you downloaded Postscript on or after 3/1/2022, then your shop is on usage billing and this article is for you. If you are on legacy billing, see here.

At Postscript, we strive to be as transparent as possible with shops about how our pricing works. With our usage-based approach to pricing, shops only pay for what they use and what they send.

In this article, we walk through how sending internationally, outside of the US and Canada affects your bill.

Postscript Charges and Fees

Each Postscript bill contains three categories in which we group charges and fees. Let's break these categories down.

Usage. Usage charges are message fees and reflect the costs of sending SMS and MMS messages using Postscript. International sending costs are 10x the SMS usage amount on a shop's selected plan. 

Carrier Fees. Carrier fees are small surcharges that mobile carriers (e.g. Bell, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) charge for sending messages using their networks. Learn more about carrier fees here.

Recurring Fees. Recurring fees are those fees a shop will pay on a monthly basis. This includes the monthly plan fee, which covers the features available to a shop within Postscript. It can also reflect the cost of a short code, Postscript Plus, or other services.

International Sending Costs

At this time, Postscript does not support sending MMS internationally-- all prices below reflect SMS. Sending an SMS internationally is 10x the US SMS price for your brand’s selected plan. See examples below. Note that these examples are estimates and do not include carrier fees (avg. $0.0025/msg). To find your brand’s cost per SMS, head here.

Free Billing plan:

$0.015/SMS x 10 for internationally sending x 1,000 messages sent = approximately $150

Growth plan ($100 a month, plus):

$0.01/SMS x 10 for internationally sending x 1,000 messages sent = approximately $100

Professional ($500 a month, plus):

$0.007/SMS x 10 for internationally sending x 1,000 messages sent = approximately $70

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