Deactivate SMS Collection at Shopify Checkout

With Shopify, you can compliantly collect SMS subscribers during the checkout process and have those subscribers flow through to Postscript.

Checkout collection is one of the most effective ways to collect subscribers and allows your brand to:
  • Easily ensure compliant SMS opt-in for all subscribers.
  • Increase your Acquisition Rate which contributes to your overall Subscriber Lifetime Value
  • Allow Postscript and Shopify to communicate opt-in and opt-out statuses for all subscribers.

If you are adjusting your list growth efforts or strategy, follow the instructions below to deactivate SMS collection at checkout. 

Deactivate Collection of SMS Consent


  1. Select your shop name in the navigation panel to find your Shop Settings.
  2. Within the Shopify checkout collection card, toggle the bar off to deactivate SMS collection at Shopify checkout.
  3. Confirm your selection.
   Important: This will only deactivate SMS collection for brands using standard Shopify checkout (i.e., one-page or three-page checkout). This will not deactivate SMS collection for brands using .liquid files or checkout extensibility (i.e., brands on Shopify Plus).

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