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As with any new and exciting tool, Postscript and SMS marketing have some key terms that we recommend you familiarize yourself with as you navigate and use the app and this help center. 

We've listed out some of the most important terms below along with bite-sized definitions. Let us know if we missed any by selecting the purple chat icon in the lower-right corner of this page!

A - I

Automation A message or series of messages that are triggered by an event (e.g., a subscriber opts-in to SMS, a shopper abandons a cart, an order is delivered, etc.) and are sent automatically.
BFCM Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The busiest time of the year for merchants.
Call to Action (CTA)

Copy that asks users to text a keyword to your short code to opt-in to your text messaging campaign. For example, Text MOBILE to 662266 to subscribe to sale alerts and discounts! 

Also refers to the action part of your campaign or automation message, such as Shop Now or Place Your Order Today!

Campaign A message or series of messages meant to deliver timely communications (e.g., promotions, product launches, content shares, etc.) to your subscribers. Campaigns are not triggered by an event but rather scheduled and sent by the brand.
Carrier Fees Carrier fees are small surcharges that mobile carriers apply to both incoming and sent messages. Carrier fees will differ based on the type of messages sent (i.e., SMS vs. MMS) and the phone number sending the message (i.e., a toll-free number or a short code). Learn more about carrier fees here.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Percentage of clicks the link(s) included in a message received. We calculate the click-through rate as (# of clicks) / (# of messages opened) * 100

Earnings Per Message (EPM) We calculate earnings per message as (total revenue) / (# of messages delivered) * 100
Emoji A digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc. They're a great way to insert personality in your messages 😉 🎉 ✨ 💕
GIF An animated image. You can include one GIF in a campaign message, automation message, or keyword reply.

J - P


A word a subscriber can text to your short code or toll-free number to opt-in to SMS messages from your brand. You can also use keywords to create interactive experiences for your subscribers.

List Growth The act of collecting SMS subscribers. You have several options when it comes to list growth, so you can choose the ones that work best for your brand.
Message Tag A dynamic placeholder you can use in messages that, when sent, populate with information unique to a specific subscriber or product. For example, {first_name} is a message tag that will appear as the first name of the individual subscriber.

A text message that includes an animated GIF or image. Learn more about the differences between SMS and MMS here.

Network Carriers Wireless telecommunication carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.
Opt-In The act of subscribing to SMS marketing messages from a shop.
Opt-Out The act of unsubscribing to SMS marketing messages from a shop.

A modal that allows shoppers to opt-in to SMS text messaging from a shop, usually in exchange for a discount or early access to product releases. Available for desktop and mobile devices.

Q - Z

Quiet Hours Specific times during the day when you should avoid sending text messages to your subscribers.
Safe Send

Prevents a text message (as part of a campaign) from sending to a subscriber who received a text from your shop within the last 16 hours.

Segment A subset of subscribers who fit specific criteria (e.g., number of orders = 0, total spend = $100+, etc.)
Short Code A 5- or 6-digit phone number brands can use to send SMS and MMS to a subscriber's mobile device. Learn more about short codes here.

A standard, image/GIF-free text message that can include emojis. Learn more about the differences between SMS and MMS here.

Subscriber An individual who has signed up for (aka opted-in to) SMS messages from a brand using their phone number.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) put forth regulations that dictate how companies can use SMS and MMS text messaging services to reach out to their consumers.

Toll-Free Number (TFN) A 10-digit number starting with (8XX) that a shop can use to send SMS and MMS messages to a subscriber's mobile device. Learn more about toll-free numbers here.
Usage Caps A set amount of spend that a shop must reach before they will see a usage charge to their payment on file. Learn more about usage caps here.
Waking Hours Specific times during the day when you are encouraged to send messages to your subscribers. View recommended waking hours here.

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