Create a Product Launch Campaign

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Campaign flows are the perfect way to send multi-message campaigns to a specific customer segment or your entire subscriber base. With Flow Builder, you can easily visualize and build your flow, add delays between messages, and schedule a start date for sending.

How Product Launch and Early Access Campaigns Benefit You

  • Create hype, excitement, and a feeling of exclusivity around an upcoming product release or drop.
  • VIP customers or highly-engaged customers are eager for exclusive deals and information as they're more likely to buy than anyone else, making an "early access" flow invaluable.
  • Lean into urgency once the product launches to convert sales (i.e., These items are going fast. Get yours before they're gone!)

Create Your Segments

Every campaign sends to a subscriber segment. This ensures that campaign messages will only send to those subscribers who you wish to receive the messages.

Reminder, you will need to create your desired segment before you can select it in the campaign Flow Builder.

Product Launch Early Access

For the below segment, we're choosing to create a segment that will ensure our campaign continues to send to those subscribers who haven't purchased our launched item.

As the campaign continues, once a subscriber purchases the item, Postscript will remove them from the campaign.

  1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Segments.
  2. Select Create Segment in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Give your segment a Name. We recommend you include that the segment is for the launch of a specific product (or products).
  4. Choose Purchased Product Names from the first filter drop-down, then Does Not Include from the second.
  5. In the final drop-down, select the product you are launching. 
  6. Select Save Segment in the bottom-right corner of the page.
   Launching multiple items? If you want a subscriber to be removed from the flow if they purchase any of your launched items, then select OR at the far right of the segment criteria line and repeat steps 4 and 5 from above. Continue with this until you have all launched products listed.

Create Your Flow

Building out your product launch flow and early access flow is easy with Flow Builder's drag and drop functionality. This allows you to visualize your message series and any delays you wish to include between messages.

Review how to create a campaign flow, then add the copy, images/GIFs, and delays you desire. We offer examples below of how you might structure these campaigns. How many messages you include, wait times, and choice of copy will depend on your brand, products, and marketing strategy.

Product Launch Early Access
Message Purpose Example Copy
Message 1 Tease the new product. We've got a secret, and it's a good one! 🤫 Keep an eye out for something exciting coming your way! 👀
Set Wait Delay: 2 Days
Message 2 Introduce the product, let subscribers know the date/time of the launch, and offer early access.

Mark your calendars! 🗓 We're launching a new line of vegan lipstick! 💄 

These gorgeous shades drop on January 15 at 10 AM EST. Want early access? Reply EARLYACCESS to get your personal link the day before.

Set Wait Delay: 4 Days 
  A longer delay gives the Early Access flow time to send early access links to those who opted-in.
Message 3 Announce your product.

The moment has finally arrived! 🎉🎉🎉 Shop our new line of lipsticks before they're gone! 💋

Set Wait Delay: 1 Day
Message 4 Create a sense of urgency to convert more customers.

These shades are flying off the shelves FAST! Get yours before they're gone!

Set Wait Delay: 2 Days
Message 5 Follow up with one last message. Offer education, a reminder, encourage interest, or an incentive.

Psst, we saved something special just for you! Use LIPSTICK20 to get your hands on our latest lipstick.

Discount is valid today only, so hurry! 🏃🏻‍♀️

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