Compliance Update: Subscriber Collection Fields on Popups

The SMS marketing landscape is ever-changing, including the compliance policies set by the carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, and other companies that deliver text messages).

At Postscript, our most important job is helping you stay compliant with your SMS marketing. We are in constant communication with the carriers in order to know when these changes are coming, proactively implement changes to our platform, and give you as much notice as possible.

What's Changing and When

Postscript was recently notified that carriers have made an update for what they consider to be proper SMS opt-in consent for popups:

"Opt-in stands alone and is not displayed with other forms of communication (email, voice calls, etc)." What this means is the email field and the phone field need to be entirely separate calls-to-actions.

This is an industry-wide regulation; these policies are not driven by Postscript and they will affect every SMS platform. 

The below popup shows the two-step popup process:

Actions to Take

As soon as possible, we ask that you edit any of your popups that currently have email and phone collection on a single screen, to now have two separate opt-in screens. Below are some immediate options:

  1. Disable the popup (for now) and then work with Postscript to bring it back live compliantly. 
  2. Replace the noncompliant popup with the Postscript popup. Postscript's popups are consistently updated to remain compliant as policies and regulations shift.
  3. Forgo your short code (DSC or TFN) and keep the popup for now, but plan to make this change as soon as possible.

We know that it’s not fun to change popups that you’ve spent time and energy crafting. We’re sorry about any impact this may have on your brand, but we’re required to adhere to the carriers’ policies to ensure that all of our customers are compliant and your messages get sent with minimal deliverability issues.

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