Set Up Your Viddy Integration

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Postscript integrates with Viddy, allowing you to share information between the two solutions. Viddy empowers brands to create personalized video landing pages in less than 30 minutes that you can include in both email and SMS flows, ultimately driving more revenue. With our Viddy integration, you can:

  • Quickly create high-converting & personalized video landing pages specifically for SMS to drive more revenue.
  • Easily A/B test different landing page experiences to optimize your SMS conversion rates.
  • Repackage your existing video content to create unique experiences that drive higher SMS CVR and retention.

Getting Started With Viddy

  1. To start collecting subscribers with your Viddy-generated landing page, fill out the signup form.
  2. Once your form is submitted, the Viddy team will walk you through getting your domain set up, how to create video landing pages, and best practices to keep in mind and you’ll be up and running shortly after. 
  3. The Viddy team will build your first landing pages all for you, which takes them about 1 business day.

Key Information

  • When including a Viddy-generated landing page in your SMS flows, be sure to copy the Viddy landing page URL and paste it into your SMS message.
  • When A/B testing your Viddy landing page, leverage the A/B Split action in Flow Builder. 
   Want landing page advice and strategy support? Please contact the Viddy team at and they would be happy to help.

Get Support

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