Set Up Your Maverick Integration

Postscript integrates with Maverick, allow you to share information between the two solutions. Maverick helps e-commerce brands send customers AI-generated personalized videos at scale. With Maverick, you can:

  • Send customers AI-generated personalized videos over SMS to increase conversion and lifetime value.
  • Delight your customers and receive direct feedback on your products.
  • Use AI-generated videos to stay in touch with customers across the buying journey.

In this article, we discuss how to configure the integration. Then, we'll guide you through how to create a Maverick-specific automation and define Maverick-specific merge tags.

Create a Postscript API Key


  1. Select your Shop Name in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select API.
  2. Select Create Security Key Pair on the right side of the page, then confirm your action by selecting Yes.
  3. Add a label to your API key so you can track where this API key is being used.
  4. Select Show in the Private Key column to reveal your API key. Copy this key and send it to your Maverick point of contact so they can connect the integration for you from their end.

Create a Maverick-Specific Automation


  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, select Messages; then select Automations.
  2. Select Create Automation in the upper-right corner. Select Legacy, then Continue.
  3. Select Custom Automation, then name your automation. Be sure to use a name that will allow you to easily identify and track this automation in the future.
  4. Under Automation Triggers, look for triggers starting with “Maverick.” The specific triggers will correspond to the flows you have set up with Maverick, for instance, “Maverick: Send SMS: thankyou” for a post-purchase thank you flow.
  5. Select Save & Continue to Messages. Proceed by adding a delay and message copy. In order to insert Maverick-specific merge tags, select the purple More dropdown menu. Then select, Add Tag.
  6. Select the dropdown to view and choose from the available options. To add the merge tag to your message, select Insert Tag.
  7. Once you've created your automation, select Save Automation in the lower-right corner.
  8. To activate the automation, toggle the bar next to Disabled. When it displays green, this automation is active and subscribers can begin receiving your Maverick automations.
   Note Before you activate your automation, be sure to confirm with your Maverick point of contact that everything is configured properly.

Understanding Maverick-Specific Merge Tags

Parameter Definition
{cta_url} A link to the CTA for the Maverick message (configured through the Maverick platform)
{first_name} The first name of the customer receiving the message
{full_message} The full text of the message you’re sending (use if configuring messages through the Maverick platform)
{last_name} The last name of the customer receiving the message
{shop_link} A link to your store’s home page
{shop_name} The name of your store
{speaker_name} The name of the speaker in your Maverick video
{video_url} A link to the personalized Maverick video landing page for this customer and flow

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