Send Campaigns Without CTA Links

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Campaigns allow you to schedule and send messages to a specific customer segment or your entire customer base. Campaigns differ from automations in that they contain one message and you control when they send.

An effective campaign often contains a strong call to action (CTA). Think discounts, a flash sale, or VIP/early access to a new product launch. But campaigns are also a great way to engage your customers and subscribers.

For example, you can:

  • Send a recipe or idea for using your product
  • Follow up with a thank-you message or information on your brand
  • Invite subscribers to engage with your brand on social; or
  • Make your subscribers smile with a joke, greeting, or well-wishes for a holiday.

Here are two examples we love from Fantastic Texts. You can check out the entire conversational SMS gallery for more examples and inspiration.

Sending the occasional SMS or MMS campaign for engagement and brand building pays off. We’ve seen brands convert a significant amount of first-time customers shortly after receiving one of these campaigns.

Even without a CTA link, you can still track how many subscribers make a purchase or become first-time customers within a specific attribution window. Learn more about how to view conversions for non-CTA campaigns using customer segments in the video below:


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