What is an SMS Automation Flow?

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In the marketing world, teams use automations to automate repetitive tasks and communications. For example, brands might automate social media posts, ad campaigns, and even email campaigns. 

You're probably familiar with abandoned cart emails—automatic emails that ecommerce brands use to reach out to shoppers who have left behind a cart full of items without completing the checkout process. An SMS automation flow is sending similar communications via a text.

With automation flows, you can:

  • Create single or multiple SMS or MMS message automation flows that will automatically send to subscribers when triggered by a specific event.
  • Recapture potentially lost revenue by reminding subscribers of abandoned carts.
  • Follow up with subscribers post-purchase to convert first-time buyers into lifetime customers.

Automation Flow Trigger Examples & Templates

By clicking any of the hyperlinks under Templates, you will automatically create a flow in your Postscript account that you can customize and activate when you are ready.

Automation Event Trigger Message Contents Templates
Browse Abandonment Shopper clicks on item(s) in your shop, but doesn't start a checkout. Include a picture of a browsed item, a link back to the store, and/or encourage them to ask any questions they have about the item. Browse Abandonment - Product Added to Cart
Abandoned Cart Shopper starts but does not complete the checkout process. Include a dynamic photo of a cart item, offer an incentive, and/or link them directly to their abandoned cart. Abandoned Cart - Incentive to Finish Ordering
Shipping Notifications A customer's order ships, is out for delivery, and/or has been delivered. Include tracking IDs, the shipping carrier name, a link to their tracking page, and/or a fun celebratory GIF. Post Purchase
Post-Purchase Follow-Up Customer placed an order with your shop. Recommend a related purchase, ask for a review, share your social accounts or community, or share product how-to's, recipes, or a blog post. Post Purchase - Thank you & Upsell or Cross-Sell
Welcome Series Subscriber opts into SMS messages from your shop. Include a welcome message, information about your brand and mission, and/or offer a welcome incentive. Welcome Series

Real-Life Automation Examples

Want to see some automation flows in action? Check out the automation flow messages sent by Postscript merchants to their subscribers.

Welcome Series Abandoned Carts Post-Purchase

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