Timeline for a Dedicated Short Code

Brands wishing to use a dedicated short code must undergo a compliance audit as part of the application process. During the audit, both our team and our aggregator will review your SMS opt-in sources (e.g., popups, keywords, landing pages, etc.) to ensure they meet TCPA guidelines.

   Who is your compliance point of contact?: Before you prepare for your audit, we strongly recommend that you designate a person on your team who is responsible for ensuring opt-in methods are compliant. This individual will also be the primary point of contact for your CSM as you navigate the audit process.

Prepare For Your Audit

Who is responsible: The shop

Timeline: Depends on the shop

Once you have signed a contract for a dedicated short code, you’ll work with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure your opt-in sources are compliant.

You can use this compliance checklist to prepare your shop for the application audit. These items are required and it is up to your shop to make the necessary changes to stay in line with compliance standards set by the carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other carriers that deliver text messages).

The checklist walks through each opt-in method and the compliance requirements that our team and the carriers will look for in the audit. This includes:

  • Popups (both desktop and mobile)
  • Landing pages
  • Keywords
  • Embedded forms
  • Website footer
  • Checkout page and footer
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

This part of the process is crucial and completely in your control time-wise. The sooner you complete the compliance checklist, the sooner our team can submit your short code application.

Postscript Reviews Your Opt-In Sources

Who is responsible: The CSM and Postscript team

Timeline: 1-2 days

Once you have completed the compliance checklist, our team will conduct our own review of your opt-in sources.

If we find any non-compliant sources, we’ll notify you and hold your application until you have addressed the non-compliant issue. We do this to ensure that, once your application is submitted, the process runs smoothly.

Application Review and Audit by Carriers

Who is responsible: Our aggregator and carriers

Timeline: Approximately 14 weeks

As of right now, we’re seeing our aggregator and the carriers take approximately 14 weeks to process short code applications. Please note that if your contract is not signed and/or your shop is not compliant, we cannot guarantee delivery of your short code within that time frame.

We will notify you once we have submitted your application. It’s crucial that during this part of your application review and audit, your shop does not make changes to the following:

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Opt-in Sources
  • Checkout Page

It’s equally crucial that your shop does not launch new opt-in methods during the review process. If our aggregator and the carriers discover any non-compliant opt-in methods or non-compliance as it pertains to your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, they will return the application to us so you can make the necessary changes. The faster we act on those changes, the less the chance of delays.  Delays in carrier approval can mean up to 2 more weeks added to the 14-week process.

Once our aggregator lets us know you have passed your audit, your CSM will work with you to determine a go-live date for your new dedicated short code.

Moving Forward

Who is responsible: The shop

Carriers are extremely strict in their requirements for what compliance looks like for all opt-in methods, as well as monitoring which methods are live for shops with dedicated short codes.

Once you’ve been issued a short code, we ask that you commit to:

  • All future opt-in methods meeting the compliance bar your shop now meets
  • Delay launching any new opt-in methods until your shop is live on your dedicated short code for 2 weeks.
  • As you do consider launching new opt-in methods, please involve us in the process so we can proactively work to make these methods compliant.

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