Subscriber Attribute Splits in Flow Builder

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Subscriber Attribute Splits is a feature designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your automation flows within Flow Builder. By allowing you to target multiple segments within a single automation, it simplifies management, increases usability, and enables more precise messaging strategies.

Set Up Subscriber Attributes in Automation Flows

  1. Drag the Subscribe Attribute Split action from the actions panel into the flow.
  2. Select the segment you want to assign to a branch within the action properties.
  3. Note: You can create a new segment by clicking the "Create Segment" button.
  4. Click Save to apply the changes.

Before You Go

Below is some key information about Subscriber Attribute Splits:

  • How many branches can a Subscriber Attribute Split support? The split action supports up to 13 branches, including the "Everyone else" branch, allowing for the definition of 12 different segments.

  • What happens if a subscriber belongs to more than one segment defined in the split action? Subscribers are sent down the left-most branch if they belong to multiple segments defined in the split.

  • What happens if a subscriber does not belong to any of the segments defined in the split action? If a subscriber doesn’t belong to any segments, they will be routed down the "Everyone else" branch.

  • When is the segment membership for the subscriber evaluated? Segment membership is evaluated when the subscriber reaches the split action in the flow.

  • Can the Subscriber Attribute Split be used with other split actions? Yes, the split functions like any other split action and can be nested within other split actions such as A/B splits.

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