Compliance Update: Set Up Call Forwarding for Toll-Free Numbers

In May 2023, a change to the existing Florida Telephone Solicitation Act (FTSA) was signed into law. While these changes have been viewed as positive for SMS marketers, there is still a lack of clarification around the way a piece of the Florida legislation was written requiring the ability to call a phone number that sends automated promotional text messages.

While not all phone number types support calls (you can't call a dedicated short, for example), the Postscript team has been actively monitoring an increase in SMS compliance lawsuits and demand letters in states like Florida and Oklahoma. 

We are proactively working to keep our customers compliant so we’ve added the ability for subscribers to call a shop's US toll free number and have it routed to their customer support line or other designated number.

Key Information

  • Florida legislation requires that all phone numbers sending automated promotional text messages have the ability to receive voice callbacks. Currently, not all phone numbers support callback capabilities. For example, at this time, dedicated short codes do not support calls.
  • Because most consumers do not usually try to call text message marketing phone numbers, our team anticipates a low volume of incoming calls.
  • Postscript has implemented a solution to comply with this regulation that will allow calls to all toll-free numbers (TFNs) on Postscript to automatically forward to the phone number listed inside your account settings under Contact information.

How We're Solving for Callback Capability

At Postscript, we believe in a product-led approach to compliance. This means that we are proactively building compliance into our app where possible to keep our customers ahead of the curve.

Because there is currently active litigation surrounding callback requirements, our team has taken a proactive approach in implementing callback capability for our brands. For Postscript brands provisioned with a US TFN, incoming calls to your TFN will automatically forward to the number listed in Account Settings under Contact information within the Customer Contact Phone Number field (note: if this field is not specified, it will inherit the phone number listed in the Phone Number field under Contact information).

You can find your US TFN here under US phones. Please note that we anticipate brands will experience a low volume of incoming calls since most brands manage support via SMS or help desk integrations.

We’ve added this new feature to our platform to help keep merchants compliant and we are committed to consistently updating our platform to meet changing requirements in the future.

Action Required for Brands with a TFN


Ensure the correct customer support phone number is listed in your Account Settings under Contact information. Please note, our team anticipates a low volume of incoming calls.

If no action is taken, incoming calls will be forwarded to the contact phone number provided when your brand onboarded with Postscript. You can find that number also in your Account Settings under Contact information.

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