Set Up Your Inveterate Integration

Inveterate is a platform to help Shopify merchants build custom membership programs that provide their most valuable customers an elevated customer experience.

With our Inveterate integration, you can:

  • Add Inveterate data about each of your members into their subscriber profile in Postscript.
  • Sync all data available within Inveterate to the appropriate user profile within Postscript.
  • Use this data in Postscript to create custom segments and message your members separately from your nonmembers.

In this article, we'll guide you through how to configure your Inveterate integration.

Create a Postscript API Key


  1. Select your Shop Name in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select API.
  2. Select Create Security Key Pair on the right side of the page, then confirm your action by selecting Yes.
  3. Add a label to your API key so you can track where this API key is being used.
  4. Select Show in the Private Key column to reveal your API key. Copy this key or write it down—you'll need to enter it in Inveterate later.

Enable Postscript in Inveterate


  1. From your Inveterate admin, select Integrations on the side navigation panel.
  2. Find Postscript's listing, then select Connect.
  3. Select the toggle bar next to Add Inveterate data to Postscript profile when user signs up (tip: this will add inveterate data onto custom fields in the subscriber's profile in Postscript when a customer joins your membership program).
  4. After you toggle this preference, you'll be prompted to authenticate your Postscript account. Select your Postscript account in the pop up window.
  5. Enter your Private API Key generated earlier in this article then select Validate.
  6. Next select the Finish Installation button.
  7. Now, you can select the toggle bar next to Automatically update Postscript profiles with member data changes (tip: this automatically passes data updates to an existing Inveterate number right to the subscriber's profile in Postscript).
  8. Select the same Postscript account and confirm the authentication one more time.

Understanding Inveterate-Sourced Custom Properties

Our Inveterate integration allows you to sync all data available within Inveterate to the appropriate subscriber profile in Postscript. You can use this data to create segments and tailor messaging to members.

Name Description
Credits The total number of credits that the member has available to redeem.
DateJoined The date that the member joined the membership program.
Referrals The number of successful purchase referrals generated by the member.
MembershipStatus Defines whether the member is active or a cancelled member.
TierName The name of the tier that the member is currently enrolled in.

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