Set Up Your Northbeam Integration

Postscript integrates with Northbeam, allowing you to share information between the two solutions.

With Northbeam, you can holistically track marketing attribution across paid, owned, and organic channels to scale your brand profitably.

In this article, we'll discuss how to set your UTM parameters so that your Postscript attribution data funnels into Northbeam.

Configure Northbeam in Postscript

UTM Upadate 02:27:24 c.png

  1. From your Postscript Dashboard, select your shop name. Next, select Tracking.
  2. Locate the Adjust Global UTM Parameters card. Our Northbeam integration is configured with our default settings shown above.
  3. Add custom parameters (optional). You have the option to define additional UTM parameters if you are familiar with them.
    • For example, you can set utm_medium as SMS. This allows you to break out traffic generated from your SMS campaigns from traffic generated through social and email marketing efforts.
  4. Save any changes that you have made.

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