Customize Your Abandoned Cart Automation

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   Important: Abandoned cart text messages can only be sent to individuals who have compliantly opted in to your store's SMS program before abandoning their cart. Learn more about growing your subscriber list here.

Abandoned cart automations are a staple of any successful SMS marketing strategy. While there are several ways you can customize your message, there are two extra features that are unique to abandoned cart automations.

Why You Should Customize Your Abandoned Cart Automation

  • Abandoned cart automations have been proven to boost cart recovery rates.
  • Give customers a visual reminder of the items included in their cart.
  • Track the number of completed orders that came from the abandoned cart link in your automation message.

Add Dynamic Product Photos

  1. Select the More drop-down above your automation message field.
  2. Select Add Dynamic Product Photo from the options listed.
  3. Save your automation.

If a customer has more than one item in their cart, we'll include a photo of the most expensive item. We display the photo marked as "primary" for the item in your store.

Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs) are popular with marketers who wish to track the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and pinpoint specific sources of traffic to their website.

You can copy and paste the below tag in your message to include an abandoned cart link with UTM. Learn more about Postscript and UTMs here.


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