Understanding Text-to-Buy Reorder Flows

   Note: Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay is currently in beta. If you're interested in joining the beta, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or sign up for the waitlist here.

Text-to-Buy Reorder Flows allow subscribers to conveniently recall and repurchase their last order from your brand through the text thread.

Benefits of Reorder Flows

  • Gain subscriber-driven opportunities to increase conversions and promote brand loyalty.
  • Keep subscribers engaged with your brand’s SMS program by allowing them to proactively reorder at their leisure.
  • Offer your customers a seamless and convenient option to reorder what they need quickly.

How Text-to-Buy Reorder Flows Work

1. The subscriber texts reorder to your brand’s shortcode or toll-free number.

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 9.35.46 AM.png

2. Postscript will recall the subscriber’s most recent order, create a cart that contains those products, and send the subscriber a Text-to-Buy message with the recalled order.

3. The subscriber can then confirm the order, cancel the order, or update their shipping and payment information.

4. If the subscriber does not take action, the cart will expire after 24 hours. If the subscriber confirms the order, the order will be processed.


  • I’m not currently in the Text-to-Buy beta. Can I still use Reorder Flows? Currently, this functionality is only supported through Text-to-Buy. However, your brand can join the waitlisthere.
  • How will subscribers know they can text REORDER to repurchase? After a subscriber purchases from a Text-to-Buy prompt, they will receive an order confirmation message. This message informs them that they can reply REORDER anytime to repurchase their most recent order.
  • How can I let my subscribers know about the REORDER keyword if they haven’t ordered through Text-to-Buy yet? Consider creating a post purchase automation informing your subscribers that they can recall and repurchase their most recent order by replying REORDER in the text thread.
  • Do Reorder Flows only recall orders created through Text-to-Buy? No. The customer’s last order will be recalled regardless of if it was purchased via Text-to-Buy or directly on your brand’s website.
  • Do I need to manually add REORDER to my keywords? No, the REORDER keyword has been applied universally. It will automatically recall any customer’s last order as long as your brand has set up and activated Text-to-Buy.
  • Is the REORDER keyword case sensitive? No, the REORDER keyword is not case sensitive.

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