Set Up Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay

   Note: Text-to-Buy with Shop Pay is currently in beta. If you're interested in joining the beta, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or sign up for the waitlist here.

Text-to-buy enables subscribers to purchase directly through the text thread of a promotional SMS message using a Shop Pay account.

How Text-to-Buy Benefits You

  • Increase sales by empowering your customers to purchase through shoppable text messages.
  • Fast-track the most important step in the customer journey - the purchase.
  • Centralize how customers interact with your brand by allowing customers to purchase, receive shipping notifications, and contact customer support - all through a single text thread.

Set up Text-to-Buy

There are two steps to getting text-to-buy up and running in Postscript. First, we'll connect the sales channel in Shopify to your Postscript account. This allows your shop to use Postscript for sales transactions. Next, we'll associate products in your Shopify Admin so they are available to the Postscript Sales Channel. After following those steps, you will be able to create a text-to-buy campaign.

Step 1: Postscript as a Sales Channel App


  1. Head to your Postscript Dashboard. If the sales channel is not already connected to your Postscript account, you will see a banner at the top of your dashboard. Select Update on Shopify to navigate to your Shopify Admin.
  2. Once routed to your Shopify admin, select Sales Channel on the left-side navigation panel.
  3. When Sales Channel is selected, you will see the sales channel menu drop down from your search bar. Select Postscript SMS Marketing.
  4. Under the Text-to-Buy section, select the green Connect button.
  5. Once the process to connect your account is complete, the section will update to display Active in the upper right corner. Shopify's sales channel is now connected to your Postscript account.

Step 2: Associate Products

Before sending out a text-to-buy campaign, you'll want to ensure all products in your Shopify admin are available to the Postscript Sales Channel.


  1. Within your Shopify Admin, navigate to Products.
  2. Highlight all listed products by selecting the checkbox at the top of the Products table.
  3. Select the More actions dropdown; then, select Add available channel(s).
  4. Select the checkbox next to Postscript SMS Marketing, then select Make products available.Text2BuyStep3.png 
  5. Your products are now available to use with Text-to-Buy in Postscript.

You should now be all set to begin sending Text-to-Buy campaigns!

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