Enable Your Postscript Popups

Popups are a powerful way to engage users who visit your shop's website on their desktop and mobile devices.

Many brands use popups to collect SMS and email subscribers in exchange for a coupon or discount. These discounts will vary by brand but could include a percent off, dollar off, or free shipping. Some brands will even use popups to tease exclusive access to future product drops or promotions (i.e., Black Friday Cyber Monday sales, etc.)

Postscript offers popups for both mobile and desktop devices that feature up-to-date compliance language as well as customization tools that help your popup reflect your brand.

You likely enabled your Postscript desktop and mobile devices as part of your setup process. If you didn't, we strongly encourage you to consider it. If you're just starting out with SMS, having active popups will allow you to quickly grow your subscriber list.

Enable Postscript Popups

  1. Select Acquisition from the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Popups.
  2. You should see a row for both your Desktop and Mobile popups.
  3. In the Enabled column, select each toggle so they turn green. 
  4. Once enabled, your popups are live and actively collecting subscribers.

Wanna Learn More?

Want to level up your popups? Check out the below resources to learn how to create new popups, brand your popups, and customize popups using CSS.

Desktop Popup Mobile Popup

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