Guide to Popup Analytics

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With Postscript popups, you can view impression, engagement, and conversion metrics for both desktop and mobile popups. Postscript popups collecting phone numbers and email will see broken-out conversation metrics for each. With this insight, you can:

  • Gauge the effectiveness of your various popups.
  • Compare the popup type, styling, and/or offer to understand which popups drive greater subscriber opt-in.
  • Paint a clearer picture of how your site visitors are interacting with your popup.

In this article, we breakdown each metric listed on the popups page, share key information about your popup analytics, and lastly, provide additional resources.

Understanding Your Popup Analytics

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On your Popups page, you can view metrics for both enabled and disabled popups. Note that disabled metrics will not update until the popup is enabled again. Let's dig into the available metrics:

  • Impressions. The number of visitors that see the full popup (i.e., not the closed version in the lower-left corner of your website).
  •  Engagement. The number of visitors who click into a popup field, type something, or view the popup for 7+ seconds. Clicking closed on a popup does not count as engagement. 
    • Engagement Rate. We calculate engagement rate as (total impressions) / (# of engagements) * 100.
  • Phone. The number of SMS subscribers collected using the popup.
    • Conversion Rate. We calculate phone conversation rate as (total impressions) / (# of visitors who subscribed to SMS) * 100
  • Email. The number of email subscribers collected using the popup.
    • Conversion Rate. We calculate email conversation rate as (total impressions) / (# of visitors who subscribed to email) * 100

Before You Go

Check out the key information below related to impressions, engagement, and conversions.

  • If a site visitor clicks on the closed version of the popup and re-opens it, this will count as an impression and an engagement.
  • The conversions metric includes all conversions (i.e. if someone enters their email twice, they are counted twice).
  • The impression metric is the total number of visitor visits, meaning a person will count as two impressions if they see the popup twice.

Additional Resources

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  • Curious to learn more about overall subscriber analytics? Check out this guide.
  • Interested in doing a deep dive into Postscript analytics? Take a look at our analytics guide.

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