Create a Free Shipping Postscript Coupon

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Free shipping offers are a great alternative to percent-based or fixed-amount discount offers. A shop can use a free shopping offer for a special promotion or as it makes sense for their products and marketing strategy.

At this time, a free shipping Postscript coupon applies to any shipping option your shop offers, regardless of cost. However, you can easily add country and maximum shipping cost restrictions in Shopify. We walk through the quick steps below.

As a reminder, Postscript coupons only work in automations and keyword replies.

How Creating a Free Shipping Coupon in Postscript Benefits You

  • Create a unique free shipping coupon for each subscriber who triggers an automation or keyword reply.
  • Move away from blanket free shipping codes that can be guessed or shared widely between people.
  • Set minimum purchase requirements for the free shipping offer.

Create a Free Shipping Coupon in Postscript

  1. Select the purple More drop-down above your automation message, then select Add Coupon.
  2. Under Discount type, select Free Shipping.
  3. If desired, you can set a minimum purchase requirement.
    • Under Restrictions, select Minimum purchase amount ($) and entered an amount in the corresponding field.
  4. Select Save Changes in the bottom-right corner.

   Note: If you create a free shipping coupon with an expiration date, then it will create unique discount categories in your Shopify Discount Center. For example, if you create a coupon with an expiration date and send it to 600 customers, you will see 600 unique discount categories listed on the main page of your Shopify Discount Center.

For this reason, we recommend you add an expiration date to the coupon category in Shopify. We cover this below.

Add Free Shipping Requirements in Shopify

Locate Your Coupon ID Edit Coupon Details in Shopify

In your automation message, locate and note the Postscript coupon ID. This is how you'll identify the coupon category in Shopify. In the below example, this code is {69678_custom_coupon}.

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