Introduction to SMS Marketing

Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing is a promotional strategy in which brands use an owned channel to reach, engage, and convert subscribers via text message to their mobile devices.

We say "owned channel" because consumers must opt-in or subscribe to your SMS marketing messages before you can text them—but once they do, you have ownership and control over the data they've provided you and how you use it to reach them.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing offers a stronger, more personal engagement and communication channel for brands and consumers. SMS marketing allows brands to reach consumers in their most personal inbox: their text messages.

  • Texting has a nearly 100% open rate, and 90% within three minutes.
  • Text inboxes are a place previously reserved for someone’s closest friends, family members, and acquaintances. 
  • It’s where people invest in, grow, and maintain relationships that are important to them.
  • It’s the perfect place for your brand to do the same.

Why Use Postscript for SMS Marketing?

At Postscript, we view SMS as a two-way communication channel—one where you can encourage subscriber interaction and focus on building personalized, carefully nurtured relationships. We take a long-term approach to SMS, one that prioritizes a subscriber's lifetime value (SLTV) over short-term metrics like revenue or ROI.

The goal of SMS marketing is to build your subscriber base and engage and retain customers, and Postscript seeks to enable brands to do this effectively through targeted, intentional, and personalized messaging.

We’re talking about the kind of texts that, when a subscriber receives them, it feels like the message was written specifically for them.

How to Get Started

We’ve built this Help Center for you-- as a central place to find feature and best practices guides, help and compliance documentation, tutorials, and troubleshooting tips.

If you’re new to Postscript or SMS marketing in general, we recommend you start with reviewing the resources in our New? Start Here section. Here we’ll introduce you to foundational Postscript and SMS concepts and features to help you jumpstart your SMS program.

Get Support

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