Create a Valentine's Day Campaign

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Valentine's Day is the first major ecommerce holiday of the new year. Shopping for loved ones—a partner, a child, a friend, or even one's self—offers brands the opportunity to get creative with how they market (and to whom). 

Why You Should Consider a Valentine's Day Campaign

  • Think outside the box with Valentine's campaigns that speak to relationships, friendships, and more.
  • Reward your subscribers with a "treat yo' self" or self-care promotion.
  • Engage subscribers in an interactive or non-transactional campaign that encourages them to respond to and have fun with your message(s).

Create a Valentine's Day Campaign

Creating a single or multi-message Valentine's campaign is easy with Flow Builder's drag and drop functionality. Review how to create a campaign flow, then add the copy, images/GIFs, and delays you desire.

Single Message Campaign Multi-Message Campaign

  • Opt for a non-transactional message. You don't have to default to discounts and promotions to see high engagement. Send your subscribers a thank you message, a love letter, or link them to a content share or blog post.
  • Consider segmentation. Use segments to target different groups of subscribers or customers with targeted messages and offers.
  • Create interactive experiences. Encourage customers to interact with your brand using responses or keyword replies.

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