Create a Non-Transactional Campaign

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Campaign flows are the perfect way to send multi-message campaigns to a specific customer segment or your entire subscriber base. With Flow Builder, you can easily visualize and build your flow, add delays between messages, and schedule a start date for sending.

About Non-Transactional Campaigns

A non-transactional campaign is a message to your subscribers and customers that does not contain a purchasing call-to-action (e.g., Get 10% offer if you order today! or We've got new inventory in stock—check it out before it's gone!).

Examples of non-transactional campaigns include (but are not limited to):

  • A conversational campaign that encourages subscribers to interact with your brand or reply back with an answer (via responses or keywords).
  • An educational or content share such as a recipe, make-up tutorial, blog piece, etc.
  • A campaign that shares where subscribers can find you on social, or share something exciting happening on your social accounts.

How a Non-Transactional Campaign Benefits You

  • These campaigns are a great opportunity to build rapport and deepen your relationship with your subscribers and customers.
  • Taking your messages beyond sales shows interest and commitment to your subscribers, treating them as a friend and not just a customer.
  • These messages can encourage brand loyalty, which can lead to long-term customers.

Choose the Segment

Every campaign sends to a subscriber segment. This ensures that campaign messages are only sent to those subscribers who you wish to receive these messages.

Reminder, you will need to create your desired segment before you can select it in the campaign Flow Builder.

  1. Select Messaging in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard, then select Flow Builder.
  2. Select Create Flow in the top-right corner.
  3. Under Campaign, select your desired customer segment from the drop-down.
    • What segment should I choose? You have options here. Let's look at a few recommendations:
      • Sending an educational campaign? Consider sending to all of your subscribers. Learning more about a product might help a subscriber on the fence about a purchase.
      • Sending a how-to or product-related campaign? Since this content focuses on using a product, consider sending to customers who have placed one or more orders with your shop.
      • Sending an interactive/reply back campaign? Consider sending to highly-engaged customers and they're more likely to respond back and engage with the campaign.
  4. Select Create Campaign Flow in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Create Your Campaign

Building out a non-transactional campaign flow is easy with Flow Builder's drag and drop functionality. Review how to create a campaign flow, then add the copy, images/GIFs, and delays you desire.

We offer examples below of how you might structure this type of campaign. How many messages you include, wait times, and choice of copy will depend on your brand, products, and marketing strategy.

For example, you might choose to send a single message, as seen below, or create a multi-message content drip.

Educational Interactive Social Product Content
Message Purpose Example Copy
Message 1 Provide subscribers with educational content about your brand, whether it's your brand story, your mission, or causes you support.

Thank you for your support {first_name} ❤️ 

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