Create a Review Request Automation

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Post-purchase automations target customers who have previously purchased from your shop and can serve different purposes depending on your goal.

With a review request automation, you can automatically reach out to customers who have ordered from your shop, request a review, and link them directly to your review platform or page in your store.

How Review Request Automations Benefit You

  • Build out reviews for your products that you can use in other marketing campaigns or feature on social media.
  • Reviews help build brand awareness and trust with potential customers who are considering whether to purchase.
  • Make reviews easy to access and complete by sending a direct link to your customers. 

Choose the Automation Triggers and Filters

Review request automations need an Automation Trigger set as Order Delivered. From here, you can add a Trigger Filter, which lets you specify the characteristics of the order and which customers should receive this automation. 

   Creating an Okendo Review Request?: You'll want to choose an Okendo-specific automation trigger. You can learn more about Okendo triggers here.
All Customers Product-Specific Reviews

If you want to create a general review request that sends to all customers after they've received their order, then you don't need to define a user filter.

  1. Select Order Delivered from the Automation Trigger drop-down.
  2. Select Save & Continue to Messages in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Create Your Message

The content of your review request messages will differ depending on your goal (i.e, sending to all customers versus customers who purchased a specific product). We review a few different strategies below, and you can try out or use which ones work best for your brand.

  1. Set your delay. You want to give the customer a chance to enjoy or use your product before you reach out for a review request. Set a delay that makes sense for the products you offer.
  2. Include an image or GIF. Consider including a fun thank you image or GIF with your message. It can help showcase your brand's personality. 
  3. Add personalization with message tags. Add dynamic tags such as {first_name} so that the sent message populates with the customer's first name. It's a simple and effective way to build rapport and trust with your customers.
  4. Link to your review page. Paste in the link to where customers can leave a review. This could be a specific product page or a general review page for your shop. Postscript will shorten the link in messages sent to customers.
    • If you use Okendo, you can use the blue More drop-down to insert a {review_url} message tag.
  5. Offer an incentive (optional). Some brands will offer an incentive in exchange for a review, such as a coupon for their next order. If this makes sense for your brand, you can include one.

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