Can people still opt-in to our shop's SMS if we're on a paused plan?

   Is your shop on legacy billing? If you downloaded Postscript before 3/1/2022, then your shop is on legacy or credit-based billing. This article is for you.


Yes, all live opt-in sources will continue to work even if your store is on a paused plan. This includes:

  • Desktop and mobile popups
  • Keywords
  • Opt-in links
  • QR codes

Please note that opt-in sources that send replies, such as keyword replies or welcome series automations, will use any credits available while your plan is paused. These messages will stop sending when your shop is out of credits.

These messages do not retroactively send, so if you upgrade to a paid plan, Postscript will not re-send any missed welcome series or keyword replies.


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