Subscriber Source Glossary

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When a subscriber opts into receiving SMS text messages from your store, Postscript logs the subscriber's source and makes it visible on the subscriber's profile.

View a Subscriber Source

You can view a subscriber source by viewing the specific subscriber profile, or view source performance in general on your Analytics page.

Subscriber Profile Analytics

You can access a subscriber's details page by entering their phone number in the Search field in the side menu of your Postscript dashboard.

On the subscriber details page, you can view this opt-in Source. You can read more about the various sources below.

List of Subscriber Sources

  • CartHook Checkout. Subscriber opted-in during the CartHook checkout process.
  • Desktop Popup. Subscriber opted-in using your Postscript desktop popup.
  • Keyword. Subscriber opted-in using a specific keyword. Postscript displays the specific keyword (e.g., Keyword (BOOTCAMP)).
  • Keyword API. Subscriber opted-in via an API flow you've set up with Zapier, Alloy, OptiMonk, or similar solutions.
  • Keyword Form. Subscriber opted-in using a form with a keyword linked to it. This is common with third-party popups (e.g., Justuno, Wisepops, etc.). Postscript displays the specific keyword (e.g., Keyword - Form (BOOTCAMP)).
  • Klaviyo Form. Subscriber opted-in using a Klayvio form or popup. 
  • Manual Upload. Subscriber created via a list import.
  • ReCharge Checkout. Subscriber opted-in during the ReCharge checkout process.
  • Shopify Checkout (Consent). Subscriber opted-in during the Shopify checkout process.

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